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 Stronghold Crusader

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MesazhTitulli: Stronghold Crusader   Stronghold Crusader Icon_minitimeThu Jan 03, 2008 10:26 am

Stronghold Crusader
Saladin, leader of the vast Arabian armies, has retaken the city of Jerusalem from the European invaders that have occupied it for most of the last century. Much of the rest of the Middle East also falls to Saladin in a sweeping military triumph that wipes out the European victories of the First and Second Crusades. Saladin proclaims western rule of the region at an end.
The recently crowned King Richard I reorganizes the European armies and embarks on a Third Crusade to halt Saladin's advance and retake lost territory. The fierce bravery displayed by the outnumbered and outgunned armies led by Richard would earn him the title of "The Lionheart", but he would only partially succeed in his goal of restoring European rule to the Middle East. With the fight at a stalemate and Jerusalem remaining in Saladin's hands despite a lengthy siege, King Richard finally agrees to Saladin's terms for cease-fire.
Peace - but for how long?

With a desert backdrop set during a time of both chivalry and brutality, Firefly Studios' Stronghold Crusader puts you in the role of either the daring and courageous Richard the Lionheart or the cunning and formidable Saladin. Can you fight your way through the blistering desert heat to conquer your opponent's seemingly impenetrable fortress? Will the castle be defended and the invaders repelled in humiliating defeat? Now you can alter the course of history. Stronghold Crusader is the next installment in Firefly Studios' Stronghold series of "castle sims", combining the best elements of real-time strategy and city-building games. Stronghold Crusader builds and improves upon the gameplay of the original Stronghold with the inclusion of new types of warriors and workers, new weapons, and a new desert setting that forces new fighting tactics on the battlefield.

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Stronghold Crusader
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